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Current Talk '17 I / Re: Discuss - Ep #1179_1180
« Last post by Uncle Roger on Today at 10:44:52 PM »
While the unexpected entrance of Barnabas in the courtroom packs a certain wallop, it truly lacks the emotional impact seeing Julia and Angelique rescue him. He certainly recovered quickly.
Lamar is very freaked out. His perfect crime wasn't quite so perfect after all. With some help from Flora, Barnabas is able to turn a lot of Trask's testimony against him.
And Lamar is equally unnerved when Barnabas tells him that they have unfinished business.
Cliffhanger extraordinaire: a very lovely woman appears and asks to provide testimony. Her name is Joanna Mills. Is she dead? Or isn't she?
Current Talk '17 I / Re: Discuss - Ep #1178
« Last post by Uncle Roger on Today at 10:21:41 PM »
Rather a dull episode, after the exciting one yesterday.
Lamar visits a walled up Barnabas and torments him mercilessly. Barnabas seems to expire. Trask gloats.
Rehash of a lot of courtroom stuff. Lamar begs to testify. He is on the witness stand when Quentin's new attorney arrives. And, of course, it's Barnabas.
Current Talk '17 I / Re: Discuss - Ep #1177
« Last post by Uncle Roger on Today at 10:08:20 PM »
The mystery guest is Professor Stokes. Yay! A familiar character is always welcome, though they don't really do very much with him until it's time to wind things up. I wonder if they had Eliot time travel just in case Jonathan decided not to renew his contract.
Julia updates him on what's been going on in 1840, including a lot of long forgotten storylines that really have little bearing on the current story. It does contain one of my favorite dialogue exchanges. When Julia states that they may have been wrong to have blamed the 1970 disaster on Gerard Stiles and that Judah Zachary was responsible. Stokes asks: "Judah Zachary, the warlock?" Sixteen year old me shouted back: "No, Judah Zachary, the used car salesman."
Two very intriguing potential scenes never take place. Eliot knows that Angelique/Cassandra/Valerie is a witch and it would have been a lot of fun watching them play cat and mouse with each other. Same with Gerard and Eliot. Gerard definitely things that there is something fishy about how Eliot just happens to be related to Ben and Carrie, who presumably never heard of him. A scene of some sort between Eliot and Carrie would have been nice.
But all of this is brushed aside when Roxanne conveniently visits Julia in a dream with the idea of leading her to Barnabas. This is a much more benevolent Roxanne than the one who showed up at Flora's seance.
Last episode for Donna Wandrey. No doubt that she would have turned up again if the series had continued, in some variation of Roxanne.
Calendar Events / Announcements '17 I / Re: Lucifer
« Last post by Mysterious Benefactor on Today at 09:14:21 PM »
Tonight's ep is an Editor's Pick from

What Would Lucifer Do? (Season 3 | Episode 4)
When a youth counselor is found murdered, Lucifer and Chloe venture into the world of high-end reform programs to find the killer. Meanwhile, Amenadiel adjusts his lifestyle in an attempt to help Lucifer; and Chloe questions Lt. Pierce's feelings towards her.

The show is also's #2 Top Trending show...
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