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Hi MB that's really cool how neat !
Love Anne 👍
Current Talk '17 I / Re: Discuss - Ep #1149
« Last post by Uncle Roger on Yesterday at 11:11:18 PM »
The two vampires lock eyes and it looks like Barnabas does not have the upper hand here. He has no power over her and she warns him that he will pay for rescuing. I was never particularly impressed with Donna Wandrey as an ingenue but she is quite good as a relentless predator. Roxanne is, in some ways, more vicious than either Megan or Angelique and has a much more cadaverous appearance.
With Julia's neck unavailable, Roxanne goes after Lamar. Their roles shift dramatically and he seems to really enjoy being in her control. This moves a little too quickly as Barnabas and Randall stumble onto too much too quickly. Nice twist that daffy Flora figures out the entire vampire situation on her own.
With Barnabas unavailable, Randall is left alone to face Roxanne at the dawn's early light
Gene Lindsey is okay as Randall. He seems to know his lines and doesn't bump into things. But it would have been interesting to see how Don Briscoe would have played these scenes.
Now that she was dead, Lorna could no longer refer to herself as Lamar Trash
That she's been marked down from 666 to 598
Was the geator with the heater
Recruiting a proper henchman
Yes, she could have been the DS Carrie Fisher. [easter_evil] [easter_rolleyes] [easter_evil]
If only Tim Burton had hired Lara Parker to be his script doctor. IF ONLY.

A friend warned me yesterday that if I don't stop with the eyerolls, they're gonna get stuck one day...

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